Clamp to tension the GRIPPLE wire

A new improved Gripple Torq tensioner not only tightens the wire rope, but also regulates the load used. In this way, the Gripple Torq gives excellent and consistent results without shortening the rope’s  life.

Gripple Torq tensioning device, allows you, with minimal effort, to obtain a tension (stretching) equivalent to 400 kg. This is possible due to its internal mechanism with a 6:1 gear ratio.

Regardless of whether you stretch the wire, wire rope or Gripple anchoring systems, the diameter of the stretched Gripple unit can not exceed 6 mm.

An integrated torque measuring tool controls the load transferred to the wire, which ensures constant pull and optimizes the life of the pulled wire.

Load range: 100–400 kg

A lightweight design of the device as well as the simplicity of use ensure continuous and constant pull.


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